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Hello there!

I'm Soham Chowdhury, a functional programmer interested in compilers, programming-language theory, and expressive type systems.

I'm also a student of mathematics interested in algebraic and arithmetic geometry and in number theory; a self-taught guitarist (and nearly omnivorous consumer of music); a fan of a lot of good writing; an occasional speedcuber; and an enthusiast for unexplained analogies in and around mathematics, physics, and computer science.

This is my personal site and blog.


Real-world type theory I: untyped normalisation by evaluation for ╬╗-calculus
February 1, 2020



A near-complete implementation of the Sound and Complete type system from Dunfield and Krishnaswami (2016), which describes a minimal ML-like language with GADTs, existential types, and coverage-checked pattern-matching.


A set of Nix scripts for reproducible, predictable Haskell development environments supporting custom package-sets and native dependencies.


A numeric programming framework for Haskell featuring highly polymorphic algebraic structures and custom deriving strategies to build complex algebraic behaviors from simpler ones.

Notes and short proofs of concept

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